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Zorba the Greek Poster (0)

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A poster I made for Zorba the Greek performance at National Theatre Târgu Mureş.

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 Enough years ago, I carried with me my "photo jar" - Zenit, the classic East European photo camera - in the Danube Delta. I remember myself shooting carefully, the film was expensive at that time. Not being a fisher I had enough time to wait for the proper light. A few weeks ago I found the film slide scans. Looking at them now, after years of digital photo, I have realized the quiet tonality of the analogical photo. Old Zenit, I salute your gntle colors!

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Contemplating a flock strewn on a hillside arouses the archetypal shepherd within us. Shepherd’s life is one of the Romanian intellectual’s Nirvana. I've heard leaders, teachers, engineers, doctors and academicians dreaming for it (no one left his job). I, personally, feel cleared by its simplicity and communion with the nature. Try it too, if you feel stressed. And if it still doesn’t work, count the sheep. And please tell me how many did you count before falling asleep. You can count the goats and the dogs too. 
Happy counting!

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