c h r o n o g r a p h i a

We take the shot driven by the urge to stop the time.

St. Paraskeva is the most venerated saint in Moldavia. Yearly, on the 14th of October, thousands of believers come to pray and pay homage to her relics. But first, they have to wait almost a one day long their turn, in a few miles long line. This rigor of waiting enhances the believer’s spirituality. Loosing himself in the long line, he cuts his links with daily rhythms. Little by little, he retreats in introspection, maybe he prays, gradually falling in sleepiness. Suddenly, a noise, a passing seller, or the line advancing a few steps, wakes him up. He shivers chats a little with his co-liners, look at his watch and gradually close himself again. His face, cleared from expressing the passing emotions, gains the mineral immobility of deep feelings.
Iasi, October. 2009
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